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Upfest 2013 Bristol Street Art

Upfest 2013 Bristol Street Art

Susanna Townsend | May 27, 2013

Take a stroll around the city streets of Bristol and you are sure to run across some fantastic examples of art in places that you might not have expected to see them. This is especially true during the May Bank Holiday when Upfest gets under way and artists from all over the country descend on Bristol to show off their work. There is no formal gallery in place for this specific festival, though, as the art on display is given an urban setting that makes it feel a whole lot more organic than something you would traditionally expect to see on a piece of canvas.

A big part of the Upfest 2013 vibe is seeing the work being created in real-time, as artists throw around colours and ideas with a free-form sense of abandon. It is graffiti art at its absolute finest, which is why the event regularly pulls in the biggest names in this particular medium. All told, more than 250 artists descend upon Bristol to take part in Europe’s largest urban arts festival, which began life on a much smaller scale back in 2008.

There is much more to Upfest than just the vivid display of colour and imagination, though, which means there is plenty of entertainment to be had for those that choose to take in the event as spectators. There is always a great selection of lie music on tap, as well as areas where the whole family can go to relax.

upfest 2013 bristol street art

Upfest is an event that simply cannot be missed if you are in any way interested in the arts. A stretch of the city that extends over 2 miles is handed over to the artists so that they may create as they go. Spectators get to sit back and watch as creations come to life and artist’s battle to deliver something that ups the ante for the rest. Over the course of the weekend, more than 450 new pieces will be created, with each being made available for sale. It goes without saying that each of these pieces will be a truly unique, one of a kind piece, and all at price points that are perfect for any budget.

There is a method to the art madness, though, as Upfest will once again go out of their way to raise money for a truly worthy cause: The National Association for Children of Alcoholics (NACOA). It truly is a festival unlike any other, and one that seems to grow in scale with each passing year. The good news for those that wish to take in the brilliant spectacle is that admission is free. This is a fantastic way to learn an appreciation for an art form that you may know very little about, whilst also being a truly fabulous way to help support the artists of the world and a wonderful cause.

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