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Supplying Project Content

We have created a system for supplying website content by using ‘Google Drive’.  We will setup Google folders and Google Docs ready specifically for your project.

Content should be supplied in the style and edit you would like it to be for the final product, ie, CAPITALS, lowercase and punctuation AND spelling.  It should be clearly labelled and in the correct order, with clear chapters and sections.

Supplying Your Logo:

Please upload your logo to the folder named '1.Website Logos’. The logo should be supplied in vector format as either an Illustrator, EPS file or PDF format.

Supplying Images:

Please upload your image to the folder named 'Page Images’ within the folder that is for that specific webpage/section. Images should ONLY be supplied in JPEG format (files that have a .jpg suffix are JPEG files).. 


Images should ONLY be supplied in JPEG format (files that have a .jpg suffix are JPEG files).
  • JPEG format tends to give better results with photographs or images that have a lot of varied colour content.
  • Images supplied for print should be at least 300dpi (dots per inch) at 100%
  • Images that are being supplied CAN NOT be taken from the internet… Its illegal and they aren’t good enough quality to use in good quality projects!
  • Images should NOT be supplied in word. Word compresses the images so the quality is then low.
  • Images need to be clearly labelled in their file names as to where they belong. For example although it can vary - chapter(name of chapter)para3.jpg
You can also send us images to scan up to the size of 300x215 mm. If the cost of scanning is not already included in your original estimate for the artwork intended, scanning is charged at the standard hourly rate.

Supplying Text:

This should be supplied using Google Docs by adding the text directly into the relevant documents for each webpage/section.


DO NOT try to style/format your text in anything other than normal paragraph format, bold and italic - and only use 1 standard font throughout.  Your styling will not be used or copied over to the software that will be used with your project.


Please do not send text or images within Word documents, a number of Word features, including tables, and some other features may not be supported.


NB: Job estimates are subject to sight of copy so badly supplied content will increase the cost of the project.