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Setting Up Your Email Client

By Susanna Townsend | Aug 10, 2014

Please see Setting up your ‘Google Apps for Work’ account for more recent info Your new professional looking email account is set up, we need to get it configured on your devices so that emails get pushed through to you oppose to you having to log on to your webmail. There are numerous different email clients for…


WordPress 3.9.2 Security Release

By Susanna Townsend | Aug 7, 2014

WordPress have just released their 3.9.2 version, this is a strongly recommended security update. A critical WordPress vulnerability was discovered by a security researcher that would allow an intruder to launch a Denial of Service attack through a process that circumvents existing security measures. It exploits a loophole in XML-RPC parsing to deplete large amounts…

Web Hosting

3 Good Reasons why you should ask digiDen to build and host your Website

By Susanna Townsend | Aug 4, 2014

Everyone in business (and others too) should have a website. It’s an essential part of business marketing and communication. You will have seen adverts encouraging you to “do it yourself”, and build your own site, so maybe you think “I’ll have a go”. Here are three things to consider before you take this route, rather…

Website Text Content Pointers

By Susanna Townsend | May 14, 2014

When supplying the text for the individual pages of your website there are a few things you need to bear in mind that will help your websites ranking in google and other search engines. PAGE TITLE This will also be used as your ‘Focus Keyword’. META DESCRIPTION & EXCERPT This is a description of the…

Filming Guidelines for Production of a Website Video

By Susanna Townsend | May 1, 2014

End product: A 2-3 minute film which will become part of your website. Shooting ratio: 10:1 For a 2 – 3 minute film you’ll be looking to shoot roughly 30 minutes of footage.  We will accept up to 1 hour but you’re aiming to shoot 30 minutes of footage. For each shot start recording 5-10…

upfest 2013 bristol street art

Upfest 2013 Bristol Street Art

By Susanna Townsend | May 27, 2013

| Take a stroll around the city streets of Bristol and you are sure to run across some fantastic examples of art in places that you might not have expected to see them. This is especially true during the May Bank Holiday when Upfest gets under way and artists from all over the country descend…