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45 Minute Online Consultation or Training Workshop

45 Minute Online Consultation or Training Workshop


This option is best suited for discussing ongoing design projects in a relaxed environment with our expert team. If you have lost the creative will to live, stuck when it comes to a certain aspect of managing your website or you simply need fresh ideas when it comes to your future digital platform, this session will give you the support and knowledge that you need to meet your business objectives. .


After identifying your specific needs, we take you into a 45 minute long session via Skype/Zoom where we walk you through a tailor made plan based on the activities that you want to start managing yourself. It can include tasks like managing your website’s dashboard, editing text and images, and basic troubleshooting. Each session will be recorded, so that you can refer back and follow the bespoke, step by step guidance whenever needed.

nb. These calls do not include SEO advice/work/training