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Today, we’re communicating with our customers in an increasingly
wide and diverse range of ways using digital media.

Digital marketing is extremely cost-effective since you don’t have to worry about any print costs and you can update your materials quickly and easily.

Don’t leave it to chance with DIY
web tools and designs.

Digital Marketing

At digiDen, we can design a whole host of digital marketing materials, including:

  • e-flyers
  • e-books/e-publications
  • white papers
  • event invitations
  • prospectuses
  • newsletters
  • banner ads

We can work with your existing branding or design a new visual theme for your digital advertising – ensuring that it fits in with your overall marketing.

Digital Marketing


Looking to advertise an event or a new product? e-flyers are a great way to market your business – without all the costs associated with leaflet distribution.

With our stunning designs, your e-flyer will be the first thing your customers will open in their inbox.


The e-publishing industry is now a massive market globally for budding writers and authors.

If you’re looking to produce an e-book or business publication, get in touch. Using our expert design and technical skills, we’ll give your e-book a professional look that will appeal to your target readers and ensure your publication becomes a real page turner.



From school updates through to company briefings, we can produce fresh, creative designs for a whole range of purposes.

We can also advise you on all aspects of email marketing – helping you to set up services (through MailChimp and other providers) and create tailored marketing campaigns that get you in front of your prospective customers.

Client Love


gordon sambidge

Gordon Sambidge

Susanna Townsend at digiDen has always provided me with excellent and inspirational design work. The artwork and graphic layout has always set the tone and atmosphere of the course or website. Many participants have commented on the clarity and visually pleasing nature of the course flyers. Susanna is always responsive to any changes or questions and is a pleasure to work with.

And with the touch of a button


Whatever your digital design needs,
we’ve got it covered.