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MailChimp: How to add a new user

MailChimp: How to add a new user

Susanna Townsend | March 8, 2018

MailChimp: How to add a new user

A step by step guide to add a new user to your MailChimp account so that we can create templates, newsletters and more!  

  1. Login to your MailChimp account
  2. Navigate to your account preferences
  3. Click on ‘Settings’ then ‘Users’ on the dropdown menu
  4. To the right click on the button ‘Invite User’
  5. Fill in the relevant fields of the form, then at the bottom click the button ‘Send Invite’
  6. Done!

Video too quick? Why not rewind it and pause on each step

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Susanna Townsend

A gifted digital designer as well as the founder of digiDen Creative Media. Susanna is a creative who enjoys taking her clients’ brands to the next level with her strong aesthetics and tech-savviness. Since 2005, an ever-growing list of diverse businesses has come to rely on her digital visual solutions to achieve their business results. Susanna has a strong passion for visual design, imagery, technology, her animals, and the beach!

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