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Creating A Gravatar For Your Website

Susanna Townsend | January 14, 2018


What is Gravatar?

A Gravatar is your Globally Recognised Avatar which you can use as your identity while posting and commenting on your website – or any Gravatar supported website.

Why Gravatar?

Gravatar is a product of Automattic – the creators of WordPress. And WordPress is used by more than 26% of the websites on the entire web! This makes Gravatar undisputedly the most widely used identity system.

As the owner or administrator of a website, it is very useful to have a Gravatar account. This way you can manage your online identity from one single location, making your life much easier. You can also post and comment on other supported sites using your Gravatar account.

How to Create it?

Signing In/Up

To create your Gravatar account, you will need a account.

If you already have one, just head over to and click on the Sign In button at the top right corner. Enter your email and password to sign in.

In case you do not have a account, click on the ‘Create Your Own Gravatar’ button.

Choose your email and password for the new account and you will soon have access to your new Gravatar account.

Managing Your Bio

Once inside, you will find two tabs at the top bar:

Gravatar 1

The first tab, My Gravatars, is used for managing your Gravatar identities and for adding/removing emails as well.

The second tab, My Profile, is the place where you will go to add your bio information, which will be used globally, whenever your Gravatar is displayed on any supported website.

Here you can add and modify the information that you’d like to display through your Gravatar. Below is a screenshot of the information that you can enter:

Gravatar 2

After you have added your information, don’t forget to save it on each page.

For further help, you can visit Gravatar’s official support at

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