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WhatsApp – A Powerful Business Communication Tool


Establishing effective communication is the key to a successful working arrangement. At digiDen, we have personally observed that clarity and speed of communication with our client really contributes to the quality of our final product. So, on our quest to provide the very best quality, we decided to choose a communication platform that is: Convenient…

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No business can think of surviving without an email client that adequately fulfills its communication needs – it’s an absolute essential. Today’s post is about Gmail’s paid version called G Suite and how to set it up. While Gmail’s free version is a complete solution in itself, serious businesses should consider using G Suite. Why Pay? G…

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The norms and ways of doing business have drastically changed in the last century but the century old adage that the “Customer is always right” is standing strong even in today’s dynamic world of business. In the meantime, the customers’ preferences have changed by leaps and bounds. As this complexity increased, businesses started developing mechanisms…

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Teamwork Project Management

At digiDen we use the project management software ‘Teamwork‘ this keeps all of our project files, proofs, tasks and correspondence in one convenient place. What is project management? Project management is a process of planning, designing, organizing and implementing tasks and ideas in any kind of project. Project management simplifies the project development and initiation…

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