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Ace Your SEO game with Yoast SEO

Susanna Townsend | December 14, 2018

Ace Your SEO game with Yoast SEO

Appearing on the first page of a search engine for your chosen keywords can skyrocket your website traffic which means significantly better business results.

According to the top internet marketing firm, HubSpot, 75% of people never bother to go to the second page of a search engine’s results! That’s how important it is to come out at the top.

Today’s post aims to take you a step closer to bumping your search engine ranking further up the grid. There is an amazing SEO tool out there which can make your life easier when it comes to improving your SEO rankings. I’m talking about Yoast SEO, a WordPress plugin that is very effective yet quite easy to use and if you have a website built by digiDen Creative Media, then it’s pretty likely you already have it installed!

Configuring your Yoast SEO

The best way to set up the Yoast plugin is to walk through their configuration wizard. Here is a detailed guide on Yoast Configuration Wizard.

Moving on to the On-Page SEO, let’s have a look at a screengrab of Yoast SEO plugin’s main screen:


Configuring your Yoast SEO


Customizing your Snippet Preview:

First of all, you can see the Snippet Preview, which is how your website appears on the search engine’s results page.

  • The SEO title is the main heading of your search result.
  • The Slug is the part of the page’s URL which identifies that post.
  • The Meta description controls the 2 lines beneath your heading, that describe the search entry in detail.

For example, here is the snippet for digiDen’s search result:


Customizing your Snippet Preview


SEO Analysis

The main role of Yoast is to provide you with your website’s SEO analysis. It appears below that particular page’s Visual Editor. This analysis is presented in a user-friendly manner under three headings titled ‘Problems’, ‘Improvements’, ‘Considerations’, and ‘Good results’.

Here is a screenshot of the analysis section:


SEO Analysis


Here you can see that the analysis is quite self-explanatory. It tells you in plain language about the SEO elements that need improvement and the ones that are already in a good shape.

So this is what you really need to know for getting started with Yoast SEO. Once you are in, you can dive in deeper using an advanced guide like this one by Moz.

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