Looking after your Website

We take great pride and care in creating unique websites tailored to our customers specific needs, so it goes without saying that looking after these websites is also a priority of ours. When you make an investment in a car, house or numerous other things in life from time to time you have to pay for its upkeep and websites are no different.

Do I need a WebCare Plan?

Managed website hosting forms the foundation for all WebCare plans and is, in essence, insurance against hackings and technical issues. If you want us to maintain your website; keep it free from hacking, viruses & malware that cause damage and ultimately cost your business, as well as adding you to search engine black lists; provide your website with individual care and keep it working and looking as it did the day it was created…. then yes, you need a WebCare Plan.

Which Care plan is best for me?

That’s up to you to decide, and will depend on your needs, but to help you we have highlighted the benefits of each package we offer. With all of our plans we provide the service of keeping all original technical elements of your website up to scratch.

All WebCare plans are pay-as-you-go on a month by month basis with no annual contracts or tie-in periods.


per month
  • Website Hosting
  • Software Updates
  • Daily Off-Site Backups
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Email Support
  • Weekly Security Scans
  • A 15 Minute Monthly Coaching Call and Advice


per month
  • All the features of the BRONZE plan, plus -
  • Daily Security Scans - Website Integrity Monitoring
  • Unlimited Cleanups inc Malware Removal and Search Engine Blacklist Removals
  • A 30 Minute Monthly Coaching Call and Advice


per month
  • All the features of the BRONZE and SILVER plans, plus -
  • Unlimited Website Updates and Support
    (tasks within 30 mins)
  • Dashboard Update Information
  • Priority Email Support


per month
  • All the features of the BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD plans, plus -
  • Google Analytics Integration & Reporting
  • Uptime Monitoring and Performance Stats
  • 3 x 30 Minute Monthly Coaching Call and Advice

Standard WebSite Hosting - £5.99

As well as our own care packages we also offer 'Standard WebSite Hosting' which means your site can be hosted on our robust servers for a more than reasonable price of £5.99 but without the extras such as software updates, security scans and email support that push the price of WebCare Plans.

We are more than happy to build and work on websites that are on standard web hosting, but it comes with the same warnings as any other standard web hosting plan that you can buy online, that your website is more vulnerable because it will not be kept up to date or protected from Malware attacks. Any works required on the site that can and will arise are chargable at the standard rate and a software update, carrying a standard charge, will need to take place before such work can be completed. For more details please get in touch with the team.




This package provides website hosting, weekly security checks, software updates and tutorial videos to provide training required to use the content management system efficiently allowing you to update the content of your website as and when you please. We also provide email support and daily off-site back ups meaning an up to date copy of you website is securely stored should anything happen to the original. Additional costs would be incurred on this package for cleaning up Malware and damage caused by hacking, having a weekly check is vital as the sooner problems are detected the quicker and cheaper they are to resolve.

We strongly recommend this package as an absolute minimum to keep your website up to date and secure.


This package offers you individual care of your website, removal of all Malware and viruses and removal from search engine blacklists that the Malware may have added you to. Cheaper web hosting is available but the services offered are limited and many benefits such as Malware removal are not included. As part of this package we provide software updates and tutorial videos to provide training enabling you to update the content of your website as and when you please.

Cheap web hosting plans don’t offer this service. We recognise that cheaper hosts may seem more appealing but in reality they may end up costing you more money when you receive an invoice for resolving the issue. At digiDen we like to look after our customers as best we can and the ‘Silver’ plan is just one of the many ways we do this.


Gold is a great package if you require small but regular updates to your website. You get all the benefits of the Silver package plus unlimited content updates as long as each update takes no longer than 30 minutes. This means that for £68 per month you actually receive potentially £100’s of services.

If small but regular updates to your website are essential to your business this is the best package for you!


Our Platinum package is fantastic! You get all the benefits of all our other packages and a whole lot more! Included in the Platinum package is a suite of reports, dashboard update information and monthly coaching calls and advice. If you run a business where regular website updates are essential and website analytics are important to your business be sure to select the Platinum package and enjoy all it has to offer!

Ultimately, by choosing a 'digiDen WebCare Plan' you are taking a great step forward in protecting your website, ensuring that the core and framework of the website are kept up to date and therefore reducing the likeness of your website being hacked and resulting in down time, which could loose you business!


Clients can request to upgrade their WebCare plan at any time. Upgrades from Silver to Gold or Platinum can be made at any time regardless of any potential outstanding issues. All upgrades will take effect on the 1st of the month immediately following the request and digiDen are in receipt of payment. If the upgrade is from Bronze to Silver a condition that the Website is in good working order with no outstanding malware issues applies. In this scenario any Malware issues would need to be resolved before the upgrade can take effect.


Should you opt for the Standard or Bronze packages you are not covered in the unfortunate event of your website being hacked. We can resolve the problem for you and put right any damage caused but there are charges attached. The Sucuri standard minimum fee of £150 is to be paid up front and administration / implementation is charged at the standard hourly rate. These costs will then cover your website security for the next year.

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